Drawer Internals

Manage your drawer space efficiently by choosing one of the many design solutions offered by Kitchens France. From cutlery inserts to pan drawer dividers, we have the answer to your organisational needs.

Appliance Housing

Don’t hide your appliances, flaunt them! We have specially designed housing that will improve the look and accessibility of any of your appliances.

Dressers and Pantry Units

Pantry units and dressers provide the ideal storage solution for those who favour a well organized and efficiently run kitchen.

Tables and Island Units

As the focal point of many kitchens, your central island or table sets the tone for style and functionality. Take this opportunity to choose something special from our beautifully bespoke range

Storage Solutions

Never to be underestimated, proper design of your storage space can make a huge difference to how your kitchen operates for years to come. Kitchens France offers a multitude of storage options that will enhance your entire kitchen design and make your life easier.